The Great Revelation

We are in a time of great Revelation. Such a monumental event for humanity, where The Divine Creator will infuse the human heart with greater Wisdom and Understanding. This is a turning point of spiritual gifts and a greater relationship with God and others.

But one must first give to receive. Your eyes must be open, heart aware and you must have the courage to respond to the blessings that are being offered.

Your emotions and mind must be prepared to understanding the greater calling in which is happening right now. You must allow the wisdom of God to emerge in your thoughts and actions, without any preconceived ideas. Releasing what you thought you knew and allowing The Divine to help you evolve into the spiritual soul you are mean to be. Are you Ready?

The blessing will take hold of your heart and grow within your soul. A re-birth, if you will. There will be times of confusion and illusion, however this will pass into an awakening of greater truth and love.

The process of renewal, a process of redemption that can and will remind you that you are here for a purpose. Fulling your life and the life of those around you. Such is the great need of humanity, and such is the great need of every soul in this world.

 Remember you are not alone, God is with you. May you pass through insecurity, inadequacy and fear and respond and grow with the love of God, as it is today, will be tomorrow and each day that passes. For this is the time of Great Revelation. 

© 2018 Gabbie Deeds with Souled Out Ministries.